Summer Collegia XIII: A Voyage With Odysseus


Written long before the Middle Ages, “The Odyssey” was known in Latin translation by educated medieval Europeans. [MORE]

Belt on your tunic or chiton and join the Shire of Drakenmere as we celebrate our 13th Summer Collegia in air-conditioned comfort at the Honey Bowen Building in downtown Statesboro, GA. Held in a Recreation Department building, this event is DRY. 

Activities include:

  • CLASSES on Greek bardic & herbalism, ancient hospitality laws, the Roman gladius long-sword & other classes; here is the class schedule with times and room numbers in the Honey Bowen Building

  • a fiber arts competition;
  • the Cock and Feather Gaming Tavern;
  • the children’s masked-mime Greek play at lunch;
  • the Electric Normans’ live music;
  • Drakenmere’s gluten-free, 4-course Greek FEAST;
  • a dance revel & more! 

Prince Timothy and Princess Ysmay will attend this Greek-themed event — and we hope you can come too!  — and Tir Briste’s fundraiser lunch will contribute to TRH’s largesse fund.

The site opens for registration at 9:00 am on August 19th.  Note: this event site is DRY.

RESERVATIONS (Note: the only confirmed reservation is a paid reservation):

Adult Registration: Event-only $18; With feast $26.
Adult Member Registration ($5 SCA member discount) : Event-only $13; With feast $21.
Age 17 or younger: Event-only: FREE.
Age 7 – 17: With feast: $8. Age 3 – 6: With feast: $4.

Send your reservation checks, made payable to “SCA, Inc./dba Shire of Drakenmere” to:
The Honorable Lord Brian mac Griogair
Mr. Brian Greer
208 South Mulberry
Statesboro, GA 30458
(912) 489-6228

email: navalstoresresearch <at> yahoo <dot> com

Note: No family of PAID SCA members shall pay more than the price that would be charged for three adult members. To qualify for the member discount, show blue card or SCA website confirmation with date of expiration.


Autocrat: THLady Rosamond Playfayre  (jlutz <at> nctv <dot> com)

Classcrat: Avelyn of Drakenmere (malsponseller+sca <at> gmail <dot>com)

Feastcrat: Genevieve of Drakenmere (theaustinfiles <at> yahoo <dot> com)

Troll: THLord Brian mac Griogair nhic Eion (navalstoresresearch <at> yahoo <dot> com)

Webminister: Lady Merewen FitzAlan (webministerdrakenmere <at> gmail <dot> com