Shire deviceThis is the official web site  of the Shire of Drakenmere. We are a recognized group in the Society for Creative Anachronism and are located in the Kingdom of Meridies.

Where is Drakenmere?

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Drakenmere is a geographically far-flung shire, in the bucolic wooded countryside of South East Georgia, encompassing the city of Statesboro and surrounding areas, extending as far northwest as Louisville, GA and including Brooklet, GA.
The following postal codes fall within the boundaries of the Shire:
30401, 30415, 30417, 30425, 30434, 30439, 30442, 30446, 30450, 30451, 30452, 30455, 30456, 30458, 30459, 30460, 30461, 30464, 30467, 30471, 30473, 30822 & 30830.

An Unofficial Guide for Newcomers to the SCA

Our very own Lady Avelyn Dale has put together this extensive newcomer’s guide for anyone looking to get into the SCA for the first time.


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