JdA XIII: Menus


  • Fundraiser Lunch—to benefit the Kingdom’s travel fund
  • Saturday morning—coffee, tea, water, assorted breads and pastries, fruit, boiled eggs
  • Feast—three course Viking meal (details forthcoming)

The fundraiser lunch will benefit the Kingdom of Meridies travel fund.
The cost will be $5.

Hamburger and vegetable stew
(Vegetarian available)
Garnishes– shredded cheese, diced onions, hot sauce


Tentative Feast Menu (subject to change):

A Taste of the Vikings

Jorvik Soup:
Carrots, parsnips, cabbage and leeks seasoned with fennel and thyme
Bread served with Butter , 
Goat Cheese, and Stewed Plum/Pear Spread:
Fresh bread with salted butter, soft goat cheese, and plums/pears cooked with honey
(Gluten free bread available)


Spring Salad:
Baby kale topped with dried cherries and hazelnuts tossed with rapeseed oil
Uppakra Oats:
Oats simmered with shredded kale, scallions and butter
(Made with gluten free oats)
Poached Fish:
Poached fish with butter and leeks 
(Vegetarian tofu option available)


Hedeby Buttered Turnips:
Mashed turnips seasoned with butter
Broad Beans:
Broad beans seasoned with thyme and leeks 
Sausage with Stone Ground Mustard:
Homemade beef/pork sausage seasoned with thyme and leeks served with mustard 
(Vegetarian sausage option available)


Lofoten Skyr with Berries
Individual dollops of skyr topped with fresh berries



[images credits:flickr.com:  https://goo.gl/mdx5ai  ; https://flic.kr/p/g6UoS]