Merchants at JdA XII

Do you want to buy some awesome medieval things while at the event? Do we have the merchants for you!

1) Garb, gear and goodies – by Jora and Bogi (economical way to play in the sca!)

2) WoodwindSilverstone, selling handcrafted jewelry items, feast gear, and more – by Mikkel Runciman and Debbie Runzi

3) The Bookman Booth – by David the Scot

4) Pack and Pride Creations, selling beaded jewelry and other accessories – by Lady Rayne Eynwod

5) Lady Tessa the Amnesiac Wandering Scavenger Merchant of BrokenBridge is new to Jour d’Amour: her Miscellanous Plunder booth includes garb, feastgear, jewelry, “upholstered” chairs & stools, etc.

6) Basic Blacksmithing instructor Lord Snorri Smedsonn will have tent stakes, tripods, pole hooks, ridge hooks and j hooks for sale at his forge. Usually he makes things as requested at an event, but since this is a teaching event, the students will be using the forge.