Bardic Competition Rules-Jour d’Amour XII



Pre-Registration is no longer required (though it’s still encouraged). Sign-up for the competition will be open at troll until 12PM on Saturday, February 18th. Rules are the same as stated previously (see below), and ALL are invited to participate. 


My lords and my ladies! Jour D’Amour XII will be having a bardic competition to take place during feast. There will be 2 awards given, one for Judges’ Choice and one for the Populace Choice (to be decided by attendees during feast).

The preferred theme of entries is Love and Flirtation,  but this can cover a MULTITUDE of themes, including; jealousy, fighting, love, trickery, companionship, and many others.

The form to submit and additional rules are below (please read all rules before submitting!)

Types of entries: individuals or groups [PLEASE: NO MODERN FILKING! This shall be construed to include modern references such as Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Zombies, modern music lyrics, hip-hop, etc.]

  • Suitable entries shall include:
    Musical performance
    Dramatic presentation or recitation
  • Time Limits: Entries are limited to a MAXIMUM OF 10 MINUTES. This includes groups and multiple entries. Groups are treated as ONE ENTRY for a maximum of 10 minutes. If a gentle (or group) submits multiple entries, ALL OF THEM TOGETHER MAY TOTAL NO MORE THAN 10 MINUTES.