Information for Newcomers

Greetings!! A quick note from the Chatelaine for my friends for whom Jour d’Amour will be your first, or nearly-first event! I have a list of 5 things that I’d bring with me to make my weekend more pleasant!

  • First, some garb ‘approximating pre-17th century clothing’… for guys, this could be as simple as a pair of earth toned trousers with a tunic and belt. For ladies, a simple dress. Our Shire has loaner garb that makes this easy and quick, and it costs nothing to borrow! (Try to avoid brightly-colored modern shoes! Brown leather is easy and not too obtrusive).
  • Second thing to bring: Sleeping bag and pillow if you are staying on-site. Personally, I like to be really warm, so I would bring an extra blanket.
  • Thirdly, you’ll want something like a cloak to throw around your shoulders to stay warm if it’s cold while you’re moving around. My wife and I use wool army blankets and they’re a lot warmer than you’d think! If you do not have a cloak pin to hold it secure around your neck, please let me know and I will see what I can do. If you’ve got no earth-toned blankets or proper cloaks, wear a jacket when it gets cold! I don’t want anyone getting sick in the name of fashion. (Oh, and a hat. A plain knit cap is fine, it’s period back to before 1,000AD)
  • Fourthly: Feast gear! It’s fun to eat, and it’s even better to eat off a plate! Bare minimum would be a plate, silverware, and a cup. I have literally run to Walmart and bought a stoneware mug and a cheap plastic plate that looks like wood, for under $5. Pro tip: get a silver sharpie and write your name on the bottom. You will also want a bag of some sort to carry your feast gear in.
  • Lastly: Bring a good attitude and leave the 21st century behind! This is our place to relax and enjoy a more genteel era. You will leave this event more relaxed and refreshed than when you came, hopefully looking forward to the next event! Fools War is in April and it’s great fun!