Jour d’Amour 2016: Class List [subject to change]

CLASS SCHEDULE [here is the class grid]: click this link to view a downloadable file (PDF)

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NOTE: All classes run for 50 minutes unless noted otherwise. Students and teachers need time to walk between classes, since they are scheduled in the 3 dorms’ great-rooms, in the craft cabin, in the main hall, and outdoors.

9 a.m. – noon / FIELD-SIDE: Hands-On Workshop in Forging Bodkin-Point Arrowheads (Master Michael de Moulton). Attend a demonstration and then try your own hand at the forge.


  • Diapering & Whitework in Illumination (THLady Penelope de Bourbon). Take your illumination to the next level with simple but powerful painting techniques. These designs transform areas of solid color, like initials and borders, with easy-to-learn patterns and motifs. Great for all levels! Limited to 10 hands-on, ages 12 or up. No fee. Main Hall Scriptorium.
  • How to Make Anything With a Rectangle: VERY Basic Garb-Making (THLady Dianora de Cellini). Newcomers and others wanting to work on their garb will benefit from this class. One versatile, basic piece of garb will give you a good, comfortable start – attend this class and find out how out to get started. Dorm 2.
  • Medieval Balms (Lady Laurentia inghean ui Nuallain). Explore the history of herbal remedy knowledge in a medieval home and uses of available herbs in home remedies. Students will leave class armed with a basic understanding of how herbs were used by the common populace of Europe during the medieval period and with a salve of their own making! Limited to 10 hands-on. $2 fee. Dorm 3.


  • Morning Dance Class (THLady Rosamond Playfayre). CRAFT CABIN.
  • Protocol & Precedence in the SCA (Duchess Katrina of Iron Mountain). A must for newcomers! How do you address the baron…princess…knight who just arrived fully garbed at Troll? Which crowns/coronets, jewelry and belts are reserved for which titles? How do you behave in court? Her Grace will help you unravel all these puzzles. Dorm 1.
  • Teaching Your First Class: It’s Not as Scary as You Might Think (THLady Dianora de Cellini). As a former Royal University of Meridies dean (of Practical Arts) and a mundane college instructor, Her Ladyship Dianora will provide tips to help you get started teaching in the SCA. Dorm 2.  CANCELLED

  • Beginning Blackwork

    Embroidery (Lady Fiora Valoria). Learn the basics of this striking, reversible embroidery style, recorded in numerous paintings of England’s King Henry VIII and his daughter Queen Elizabeth I. Materials for up to 15 participants. No fee. Dorm 3.

NOON – 1 p.m. — NO CLASSES

1 p.m. – 3 p.m. (or later) / FIELD-SIDE: Hands-On Workshop in Forging Bodkin-Point Arrowheads (Master Michael de Moulton). Attend a demonstration and then try your own hand at the forge.

1 p.m. until… / OUTDOORS: Introduction to Juggling (Sigmund Malovich). Hand-made juggling balls will be provided for up to 10 participants. No fee.


  • Castles of Britain (Duchess Katrina of Iron Mountain). Home and hearth for mid-period nobility and royalty might well have been a castle. Covering form, function and comfort, this class reviews specific castles of England, Wales, and Scotland. Dorm 1.
  • Easy Elizabethan Gown Patterning (Lady Fiora Valori). Also called Easy Elizabethan for Sewing Beginners, this class will cover how to make a bodice and a skirt that can be sewn separately or made into a simple Elizabethan, Irish or Italian gown. Bring an old bed-sheet if you want to make a pattern in class. NOTE: 90-minute class, ends at2:30. Dorm 2.
  • Leather Surface-Decoration (Master Petros Mystikos & Lady Angharad merch Morcant). Find out how to carve a pattern into tanned leather in simple, easy-to-follow steps. Class size is limited (10 max.) and fee is $2. Dorm 3.


  • Afternoon Dance Class (Lady Katerina Ravenshaw). CRAFT CABIN.
  • The Care and Feeding of Vegetarians and Vegans in the SCA (Baroness Elison Sommerfield).


  • Basic Bobbin-Lace (THLady Dianora de Cellini). For 4 to 6 students, this class will introduce participants to the art of lace-making with bobbins and a pillow-base. The exquisite final product was created late in period for Elizabethan ruffs, pillowcases and more. There is a small fee to cover the supplies. NOTE: 2-hour class, ends at 4 p.m. Dorm 3. 



  • Hoods (Male and Female) (THLady Penelope de Bourbon). Come learn to make a variety of hoods for men and women. This is a highly versatile accessory worn across all social classes throughout period. They’re easy to make and fun to personalize. Participants will come away with instructions for a few main styles with ideas for fancying them up. Hand-outs also available online. NOTE: 90-minute class, ends at 4 p.m. Dorm 2.


  • Bayeux-Stitch Embroidery 101 (Lady Laurentia inghean ui Nuallain). Hands-on for up to 10 participants, this class covers the Bayeux stitch and the outline stitch. Get aida cloth, embroidery hoop, needle and embroidery floss for $2 fee. No age limit so long as students can thread a needle. Main Hall Solar (near front windows).
  • The History of Meridies (Duchess Katrina of Iron Mountain). Too seldom taught at events, this class covers the highlights of Meridian history, beginning with a barony in search of a kingdom to belong to! Come learn what makes the Laurel Kingdom of Meridies special, plus how and why we differ from other Kingdoms.  Dorm 1.