JdA 2019 – Event Staff

If you have any questions about the event, please see below for event staff contacts via Facebook:

Autocrats: THL Brian mac Griogair mhic Eoin (MKA Brian Greer & Lady Myfanwy Feret (MKA Kiki Canon)

Reservations: THL Brian mac Grioghair mhic Eoin (MKA Brian Greer )

Feastacrat: Lady Genevieve – Jennifer Davidson

Rapier MIC: THL

Brian mac Griogair mhic Eoin (MKA Brian Greer)

Armored MIC: Lord Cristoff de Winter Casey Van Kouwenberg of Forth Castle

Class Coordinator: M’Lady Avelyn Dale

Revel Coordinator: THL Rosamond Playfayre

Children’s Activities: Michelle Van Horn Rivera