JdA 2019 – Classes & Children’s Activities

Classes that we have planned so far for the event…Kumihomo; Embroidery; 2-3 dance classes.  We are still working on the class schedule so keep an eye here for updates!  Also, we have a full day of Children’s Activities planned
Children’s Activities
We are planning a veritable full day of children’s activities at Jour d’ Amour…here’s what we have planned thus far.
1) Treasure Map – children will make their own treasure maps using paper bags and paint.
2). Treasure Chest – Children will paint, decorate and fill a pirate chest.
3). Nautical Flags – Children will create a banner using the universal flag symbols.
4). Pirate Crest -Using fabric, students will paint a Ship Crest to fly!
5). Treasures – Using yarn, beads and other materials children will make largess to go in the chest.
6) Scavenger hunt – Under the guidance of the MoC, we will go on a treasure hunt to find clues that will lead us to the final treasure!